Delhi Vendor Creates Fusion Mithai Called Bournvita Barfi; Internet Approves


For most of us, milk was synonymous with Bournvita, so much so that we wouldn’t even drink milk without adding this chocolate flavouring. Bournvita lovers have grown up with fond memories of enjoying this chocolate malt mix with milk. One Bournvita lover decided to experiment with this drink mix and ended up creating a fusion mithai! In the latest fusion food creation, Bournvita meets barfi to give Bournvita barfi, a chocolate-coloured barfi that has been blowing minds. A video surfaced on the internet showing how this fusion barfi is prepared by halwais and people want to try this mithai. Uploaded by Instagram based food blogger @oye.foodieee, this video has garnered 239k views and 11.2k likes so far. Take a look:

In the video, they start by dissolving sugar in water. Next, they add cashew paste to the sugar syrup and let it cook for a while. Now comes the main step, of adding the Bournvita! The Bournvita powder is added to the kadhai as it is. The dissolving of this Bournvita takes time as the cashew mixture is thick. Finally, dollops of ghee are added to the mixture and it is cooked in the kadhai till the mixture starts taking shape. They also add dry fruits to the mixture. Next, the mixture is poured into a rectangular dish to set it in the signature barfi shape. You can find this at Shagun Sweets, Delhi.

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Just thinking about a Bournvita flavoured barfi might seem a bit irksome, and one would assume that people would be perturbed to know that such a delicacy exists! But the internet never fails to surprise us, and it turns out people are responding positively to the fusion mithai. Here’s what people commented about this unique barfi:

“Dekhne me kaafi sahi hai” (It looks nice)

“Rohit from ‘Koi mil Gaya’ wants to know your location”

“Looks so yumm”

“Dekhne se hi height badh gayi” (I just got taller by just looking at it)


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