Different States, Different Tastes: 9 Aloo Dishes From Around India To Amp Up Your Dinner Time


Think of the most versatile ingredient in your kitchen, and potatoes would be the first thing that would come to your mind. Even the most inexperienced cook cannot go wrong with making potatoes. Whether it is for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even snacks- you can make any dish at any time. And the best part is that each dish will offer you a unique taste! However, if you want to taste how different regions use potatoes in their recipes, we have you covered! Today we bring you a list of certain potato-based dishes that will bring you the taste of India! Each of these recipes offers you a new flavour, plus they are also easy to make! So, surprise your family with these yummy dishes. Find the recipes below:

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9 Regional Potato Curries You Must Try:

1.Gujarat’s Lasaniya Batate

Lasaniya batate is a Gujarati recipe that transforms a simple potato curry into something special. It’s hot and spicy, with a strong garlic flavour; in case you didn’t know, lasaniya means “garlicky,” thus, the meal is essentially a garlicky potato curry.

2.Bengal’s Aloo Dum

Half-cut potatoes are thrown in a tomato-based sauce for a thick and strong curried dish. This meal is a mouth-watering fare because of the unique blend of spices. To get the most out of this dish, serve it with steaming hot rice.

dum aloo

3.Kashmir’s Dum Aloo

The sauce in this Dum Aloo recipe is rich, making it great for pairing with rotis, bread, or rice dishes. The best aspect about this dish is that it uses very simple Indian spices that are readily available at home.

4.Rajasthan’s Jaiphali Aloo

Jaiphali aloo is a masaledaar dry aloo sabzi that takes only 15 minutes to cook! This aloo ki sabzi is different from others since it contains jaiphal and fennel seeds (saunf) to give the masaledaar aloo an earthy flavour.


5.Tamil Nadu’s Chettinad Aloo

The spicy and rich flavours of Chettinad recipes are well-known. None of the spices appears to be redundant, and each element works in unison to create something distinct. This is a semi-dried recipe rather than a curried one, and the delicate Chettinad masala is the star of the show.

6.Himachal’s Aloo Palda

The thick, creamy yellow stew has a lovely yellow colour. Onions, ghee, cardamom, cinnamon, hing, cumin seed, and rice are all included in this easy recipe, creating a rich and enticing one-pot dish that we can’t get enough of.

7. Uttrakhand’s Aloo Gutke

Tossing diced potatoes in a pool of spices and whole red chillies is how the meal is usually made. It’s fried till it’s semi-dry and saucy, then served. You can also make it easily in no time.


8.Maharashtra’s Vangi Batata

In Marathi, vangi means eggplant, and this masala dish is the main course preparation that is ideal for both short lunches and evening celebrations. It’s a delectable combination of potatoes and eggplant with various spices.

9.Assam’s Aloo Pitika

It’s a mashed potato dish, and we all know how good mashed potatoes can be, especially when they’re paired with chopped onions, green chillies, fresh coriander leaves, salt, and a splash of mustard oil. This recipe is a comfort dish in many households in Assam!

So, try out these delicious aloo-based regional recipes and let us know which one you liked the best!


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