Dine Like “Malikas” And Enjoy Authentic Old Delhi Flavours At Crowne Plaza Okhlas “Dilli 6” Food Festival


As Delhites, we know that old Delhi is the epitome of good food! Just walking past the lanes of Purani Dilli exposes us to a vibrant variety of delicacies that we can’t help but crave. Thanks to the pandemic, it has been ages since foodies have been able to enjoy these authentic dishes without having to worry about hygiene or health. But not anymore! The food festival organized by Crowne Plaza Okhla, New Delhi, aims to provide us with the rich flavours of Purani Dilli with an aesthetic twist! Khansamas from Chandni Chowk have been specially brought by the team at Crowne Plaza Okhla to curate an authentic cuisine for Delhi foodies, keeping hygiene in mind!

The 12th edition of their festival is called “Dilli 6” in honour of bringing Old Delhi cuisine to the establishment. We had the pleasure of attending this festival and the royal affair not only impressed our tastebuds but also offered an experience that one would never forget! The theme of the festival was “Noor-E-Khawateen” (Radiance of Womenkind) and honoured the boss ladies of the royal era. The décor of the festival was an embodiment of three iconic women leaders – Begum Nur Jahan, Princess Jahanara and Empress Razia Sultan. As the theme was to dine like “malikas”, the lavish spread was meant to be fit for royalty! Chuski, chaat, tikka, pakode, you name a classic Old Delhi snack and the festival had a corner dedicated to it.

We started our royal meal with some delicious tikkas. There was no dearth of variety for us to enjoy! We had the joy of eating the creamiest malai tikkas, juicy chicken tikka, mouth-melting mushroom tikka and masaledaar bhutta seekh kebab. From the “B-Tech Chaat Corner” we ate dahi bhalle and gol gapas and the taste of the chaat was to die for! But we couldn’t stop there! How could we without indulging into chole kulche, kalmi vada and aloo tikkis. 


After eating our hearts out, we decided to move to the main course and the delicious variety had us awe-struck. So much so we didn’t know where to start. Little by little, we tried it all – biryanis, kormas, niharis, sheermal – and each tasted better than the other. We definitely do recommend you to try Jahangiri mutton qorma, the tender mutton is cooked in such flavourful spices that we couldn’t stop ourselves from enjoying even to third serving.


For dessert, we were extremely delighted to find daulat ki chaat on the menu. This winter dessert can only be found in Chandni Chowk! But that was not the only dessert to try, there was Karachi halwa, sohan halwa, habshi halwa, phirni, jalebis and more. We wrapped our meal with some ice-cold chuskis and refreshing paans.

So, if you have been craving authentic Old Delhi food, then Crowne Plaza Okhla’s “Dilli 6” festival is where you should head. The bonus of this festival is that they have a fortuneteller sitting at its entrance, so you can learn about your future and get the royal treatment in one place!


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