Eating Hack: How To Cut A Burger In Neat Halves Without Making A Mess


Burger may be one of the most loved fast foods ever! Juicy patty, layers of fresh veggies, tangy and masaledaar sauces and soft buns, this team of ingredients make for a scrumptious delicacy. Biting into a burger offers a burst of flavours that just makes us go gaga! Whenever we are eating burgers, we know that having just one burger is never enough. But having two burgers can put us in quite the dilemma, as our tummy is too full to eat another burger but we need just a little bit more to satisfy our cravings. The best option is to just indulge in half a burger. However, cutting a burger can be quite a task and can create quite a mess, but not anymore.

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Cutting burgers just got super easy! Now, we don’t have to worry about the burger collapsing whenever we want to cut it in half. The trick to getting two equal halves of a burger is simple. Rather than just using a knife to cut the burger, you’ll also need to use a fork. But don’t use the fork and knife in the common way we know, where the fork is used to hold down the food by inserting it in the food and the knife is used to cut the food. The hack is to use the fork as a support to help you slice the burger in a clean manner. The fork offers a direction to the knife, allowing you to cut the burger neatly, without the burger falling apart! Take a look:

The video was uploaded by @delhi_foodgasm and it has 37k views and 1.3k likes so far. Now you can easily partake in an extra half of a burger, without worrying about making a mess! What did you think about this hack? Do you have any more fun eating hacks? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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