Elliot Page Shares His “Biggest Joy” After Transitioning


In addition, he shared painful memories from the early days of his career. For instance, he said he was forced to wear a dress to the premiere of his 2007 movie Juno at the Toronto International Film Festival. 

“I can’t pinpoint a ‘worst’ day,” Elliot said. “But when Juno was blowing up—this sounds strange to people, and I get that people don’t understand. ‘Oh, f–k you, you’re famous, and you have money, and you had to wear a dress, boo-hoo.’ I don’t not understand that reaction. But that’s mixed with: I wish people would understand that that s–t literally did almost kill me.”

Elliot also said he could “pretty much not leave whatever hotel” he was staying in when he was filming the 2010 movie Inception

“I struggled with food. Intense depression, anxiety, severe panic attacks. I couldn’t function,” he shared. “There were days when I’d only have one meeting, and I’d leave my house to go to the meeting and have to turn around. Not being able to get through a script—could not. Reading is one of my favorite things to do—I couldn’t read, couldn’t get through a paragraph.”


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