Elon Musk Takes Poll On If Twitter Headquarters Would Be Better Suited As A Homeless Shelter


Twitter Headquarters Better As Homeless Shelter? Elon Musk's Latest Poll

Elon Musk also proposed a number of modifications to Twitter Blue subscription service on Saturday.

You have to admire Elon Musk’s posts on Twitter, whether you like him or not. Mr Musk’s tweets are witty and, at times, he isn’t even hesitant to poke fun at himself. On Sunday morning, Mr Musk, who has disclosed a 9.2 percent stake in Twitter and recently joined its board of directors, began a poll on his Twitter account of more than 81 million followers.

He cheekily asked if Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters should be converted to a homeless shelter as “no one shows up (to work there) anyway”.

The poll got more than 6.3 lakh votes within three hours of being posted, with over 91 per cent answering yes.

Mr Musk was appointed to Twitter’s board of directors a few days ago. That came after it was revealed that Mr Musk would hold a 9.2 percent stake in the company, making him the largest shareholder of Twitter.

Aside from the poll, Mr Musk proposed a number of modifications to Twitter Blue subscription service, including lowering the price, prohibiting advertising, and allowing users to pay in cryptocurrencies. He also proposed that Twitter Blue subscribers receive an “authentication checkmark”, which would be distinct from the verification of public figures and official accounts. Bookmark folders, undo tweet option, and reader mode are among the features available to Twitter Blue subscribers.

He agreed with a user who suggested a cheaper subscription price for Argentina, saying the cost “should be proportionate to affordability & in local currency.”

Mr Musk also agreed with one user who proposed lowering the subscription rates in Argentina, and replied that noting that the price has to be “proportionate to affordability and in local currency”.

Mr Musk has always been a supporter of cryptocurrencies and has frequently expressed his enthusiasm for the same on social media. However, if there’s one token that he has promoted more than the others, it’s Dogecoin. Expressing his support again for the meme coin, Mr Musk again alluded to the cryptocurrency by tweeting that Twitter Blue users could also have an option to pay in Doge.

Twitter Blue is now accessible in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.


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