Food Bloggers Approval Of Gulab Jamun Chaat Has Desi Viewers Surprised


Street food, nowadays, has become a fusion of popular dishes that we love, but that doesn’t mean people end up loving the fusion dish itself. Vendors across the country are making odd food combinations that are shocking the desi viewers all over the internet. One vendor brought together masala dosa and ice cream to give masala dosa ice cream, another combined gulab jamun and samosa to give gulab jamun samosa. We found another controversial street food with gulab jamun, and this time a street vendor made a chaat out of it! Wondering what this fusion dessert-chaat looks like? Take a look:

To make this gulab jamun chaat, first, the street vendor places gulab jamun on a plate. Then he tops it with a generous serving of yoghurt. Next, he adds imli ki chutney on top of the yoghurt. Then comes the signature green chutney on top of the gulab jamuns. Then he crushed some papdis and sprinkles it all over the gulab jamun. Lastly, the chaat was garnished with pomegranate seeds. This chaat is very similar to the chaat papdi or bhalla papdi as it uses the same dressing of yoghurt, imli chutney and green chutney. The only difference is that instead of potatoes or bhalla, this chaat had gulab jamun at its centre. The video was uploaded by Instagram based food blogger @tonguetwisters and it has 174k views and 2k likes.

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Just hearing a dish called gulab jamun chaat can get the foodies perturbed but seeing it definitely riled them up! But to most people’s surprise, the food blogger actually liked this fusion between chaat and mithai but was a bit hesitant to express it – “Seriously achi thi yr, tum loog gali doge acha likh dia toh” (It was actually good, but you guys would abuse me from writing something good about this chaat). Here’s what people commented about this chaat:

“Bhagwan bachaye is paap se” (God save you from this sin)

“Agle janam me Gulab jamun banoge tum pakka” (In next life, you’ll be born as a gulab jamun)

“Hey bhagwan” (Oh Lord!)

“RIP Gulab Jamun”

“Ohh noo ohh noo chiiiiiiiii”

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