Frankie Jonas Reveals Which Brother Is the Secret “Party Guy”


If there’s one thing you can count on siblings to do, it’s to spill your secrets.

Kevin and Frankie Jonas shared several unknown facts about their fellow Jonas BrothersJoe and Nick—exclusively on E! News’ Nightly Pop, including which brother loves to party it up.

“Joe’s the party guy,” Frankie told Nightly Pop‘s Morgan Stewart, Nina Parker and Hunter March on Aug. 1. Having shared many memorable outings with his older brother—including attending Coachella with Joe was a kid—the now 21-year-old said he enjoys getting to “re-experience those moments but as an adult with them.”

While Joe may be the best at having a good time, Frankie joked that Kevin is the worst at giving gifts, telling Nightly Pop, “Kevin used to just go to Brookstone and then find the most technological thing.”

Kevin has no hard feelings towards Frankie’s revelation, as he declared his younger brother the best uncle out of the four, a decision Frankie heavily agreed with, as he is the only one without kids.


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