Frying Tips: How To Perfectly Fry Food To Get Crispy Crust- 4 Easy Tips


Let’s admit it; there is something about the restaurant-style food that makes it hard for us to replicate it at home. Of course, it could be certain ingredients that we eliminate during our daily cooking. But it’s not only that, when we try to make those restaurant-style dishes at home, it might also be challenging for us to get the same texture. For instance, take the crispy outer texture of paneer, chicken, samosas, cutlets, and more. When we have these things outside of our homes, we generally get that perfect crunch that we love to gorge on. And when we make the same things at home, it may soak up more oil and become stretchy. If this is something that you also face while cooking, then let us tell you that there are specific tips and tricks for frying food perfectly. If you also want to know more about these tips, read them below:

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Here Are 4 Tips On How to Perfectly Fry Food:

1. Coat Before Frying

Coating your food in the batter is a great technique to give deep-fried items a crispy appearance while keeping the food from drying out. You can dip your foods in a besan batter coat them with corn starch, all-purpose flour, cornflakes, breadcrumbs, or even slurry.

2. Choose The Correct Oil

The oil that is good for frying is determined by its smoke point. This is the temperature at which oil begins to smoke. Refined oils with smoke points beyond the highest temperature are excellent for deep-frying. You can use peanut, canola, and safflower oil for the same.

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3. Check The Oil Temperature

This one is an important point. If you add your food at a low temperature, then the food won’t become crisp and soak up more oil. And if you add it at a higher temperature, then your food might get burned. So, before dropping in everything for frying, put a small piece of the food to check it, or you can make use of a kitchen thermostat.

4. Don’t Put All The Food Together

Crowding causes the temperature of the oil to drop, resulting in greasy, stuck-together food. If you’re frying in batches, wait for the oil temperature to restore to become hot again before adding another round. If you keep the food moving, you may get crispier results!

So, keep these simple tips in mind next time you are frying something!


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