FSSAI Shares 8 Quick Tips To Avoid Trans Fats In Daily Diet


We all know it by now that our diet plays a major role in keeping up a healthy body weight. And to maintain a healthy diet, the first thing we need to maintain is avoiding certain food elements like trans fats. That’s right! Trans fats are one of the biggest culprits that lead to weight gain and other associated health issues. From inflammation to diabetes and heart ailment – excess intake of trans-fat affects our body in multiple ways. This brings up a question, how to avoid its consumption, given that almost every packed food has some amount of trans-fat in it! As always, we have your back. We found some quick and simple tips that a consumer can follow while buying ingredients for cooking.

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has recently shared a guidance note explaining some easy tips to follow to eliminate intake of trans-fatty acids. FSSAI took to Instagram to share a post announcing the release of the guideline. Let’s take a look.

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Here’re 8 Tips To Avoid Trans Fats (FSSAI- Recommended):

  • Check nutrition information panel for the product’s trans-fat content.
  • Always buy packaged food with nutrition label mentioned on the pack.
  • Check ingredient list on packed food. Labels like “partially hydrogenated vegetable oil” or “hydrogenated vegetable oil” are sources of trans-fats.
  • You may also check trans-fat free logo on food as it means that the product contains 0.2gm of trans-fat per 100gm food.
  • Limit consumption of baked/processed food like biscuits, chips etc.
  • Avoid re-using same used oil twice for cooking.
  • When eating out or ordering in food, keep a check on the type of fat being used to cook the food.
  • Avoid eating commercially fried foods like aloo chaat, patty, French fries, bhatura as they use repeated oil for cooking.

Follow these quick tips and make your daily diet a healthier one. Eat healthy, stay fit!

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