Gabriel Waller Shares Her Top Shopping Picks for 2022


No item is too hard to hunt down for Gabriel Waller, the in-demand personal shopper who celebs such as Hailey Bieber, Khloé Kardashian, and Lori Harvey have on speed dial to source impossible-to-find fashion pieces. The Prada skort that’s going viral? Waller and her team will secure it in the specific shade of green that’s sold out everywhere. The Celine coat you regret not buying a few seasons back? She’ll track it down, just like she did for Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Waller’s expertise in sourcing cult fashion items draws celebs and fashion insiders alike, who are on the hunt for items that are sold out, difficult to find, or from a past season and didn’t make it into their cart the first time around. Different than your typical shopping experience, most of the business takes place through DMs on the Instagram account @gabwallerdotcom, where 90% of requests are made. “The clients know exactly what they’re looking for,” Waller tells Who What Wear. “They’ve either seen it—perhaps in a magazine or online somewhere. They’ve seen it on their favorite influencer or celebrity, and they’re unable to locate it themselves. They send it into us, and essentially from there, we begin the hunt.”

Curious to find out more about the requests currently landing in her DMs, we asked Waller to share the designers and items that are buzzing right now. Ahead, Waller weighs in about the five most in-demand brands of 2022 and the pieces everyone is trying to get their hands on. While you might not be able to add every cult buy to your cart right now, you know who to DM if you want to track down the exact piece you’re eyeing.


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