Gemini Weekly Horoscope


WEEK OF May 23 – 2 9, 2022

All together now! When motivator Mars kicks off a tour of Aries and your communal eleventh house this Tuesday, May 24, it brings a new wave of enthusiasm to your combined efforts. Many hands make light work, and if you choose your collaborators carefully, they’ll be a gale-force wind beneath your wings between now and July 5. You’re a people person, Gemini, but when it’s time to get a job done, you quickly see who has the chops to hang and who will automatically demote themselves to an outer ring of your circle. If you’ve been shouldering the load for teammates, don’t stand on ceremony or worry about hurting their feelings. Issue a final warning or cut ’em loose—because who’s picking up the slack and paying the price? That’s right, YOU are! Surround yourself with people who model the qualities you seek and who will inspire you to keep on striving. There may be some dues to pay: Don’t balk at nonpaying gigs or a little extra time over the weekend until you reach your mark. With your charming social style, it probably won’t take as long as you fear. A word of warning: Martian energy can be rash and restless, and people will both inspire AND annoy the hell out of you at times. The eleventh house also rules tech, making this a great time to learn a new digital skill or master software that could bump you into a higher income bracket.


Swooning may become a daily habit starting Saturday, when amorous Venus flits into Taurus and your fantasy-fueled twelfth house until June 22. But it’s your choice whether to gaze through a soft-focus lens or not. The trick is to enjoy the fairy tale moments of this transit without slipping into denial. No human can be soulmate-perfect 24/7, after all. Build in a clause for fluctuating moods and fatigue. The twelfth house also rules transitions and endings, so if the writing is on the wall with a certain someone, Venus can help you make the most loving (and diplomatic) exit possible. In a healthy relationship? Don’t sweep a recurring issue under the carpet. It’ll only trip you up later. You might not be able to resolve it yourselves, but don’t give up! Take it to a couples’ counselor—and vow to listen to your partner’s concerns with an open heart and mind. Dealing is healing, and it’s going to bring you both closer.

On Sunday, bold Mars and audacious Jupiter unite in Aries and your collaborative eleventh house, encouraging you to join forces. Take the initiative! If you find a group that lights your fire, request an invitation or show up to one of their open events. And if you’re already part of an exciting entourage, spearhead a mission that can bring you all attention and adventure. The eleventh house rules technology and social media. With Mars and Jupiter singing a sweet duet here, your popularity could reach peak levels. Start an epic buzz on social media. If you have the idea for a podcast, blog or YouTube channel, the Mars-Jupiter meetup sets plans in motion. People are going to watch you anyway—you’re just charmed like that—so you might as well direct their attention to the parts of your life you actually want to share.

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