Genius Or Bizarre? Ice Gol Gappa Is The Latest Fusion Food To Frustrate Foodies


The wrath of summers in India is not unknown to us! And in our attempt to escape the heat, we stick to anything that is chilled, cool, and soothing like juices, ice creams, chilled desserts, curd-based dishes, etc. The sweltering heat does make you desperate, so much so that you might even hold on to a slab of ice for a minute of relief. However, would you consider eating a slab of ice too? Well, not exactly a slab, but shaved ice?

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If your answer to the above question was ‘Yes’, you would be happy to know that a street vendor is serving just that! But wait, there’s more! To frustrate foodies and gol gappa lovers all over the world, the vendor can be seen stuffing shaved ice into a crispy puri, and pouring what we think is rooh afza on top of it. The creation has riled up the internet and frankly, we understand why! The video was uploaded by ‘Viral Indian official’ on their Instagram page and has 149k views, 5634 likes, and 400+ comments. Interested to see what the craze is all about? Take a look at the video here:

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The caption on the video does not mention the exact location of the vendor; instead, the video has just ‘Ice gol gappa’ written on it with a heart emoji. Some of the funniest comments we came through were:

“Ye laal rang nhi meri ankhon ka nikla hua khoon hai” (The red liquid he uses is nothing but bloody tears that I have shed)

“Why God why”

“Not gonna lie I wish I was blind”

“What monstrosity have you created?”

“I’m calling the police right away”

“It’s time to leave this planet!”

While most of the viewers were disappointed by the creation, some poked fun at how more ingredients could be added to make it even more bizarre.

“Amul butter is missing”

“Cheese kaha hai?” (Where is the cheese?)

“Sensodyne kaha hai” (Where is the sensodyne?)

What are your thoughts on this icy gol gappa? Will you be lining up in front of this stall coming summer? Let us know in the comments below.


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