Give Your Dhokla A Fusion Twist With This Tandoori Dhokla Recipe


If there’s one Gujarati snack that has a different fan base altogether, it has to be dhokla. Soft, spongy and super delicious, dhokla is truly a feast for the taste buds. Traditionally made with fermented gram flour, they are steamed to perfection and tempered with mustard seeds and green chillies. However, this is the classic way of preparing dhokla. Various chefs and food enthusiasts have experimented and invented some of the most delicious fusion dhokla recipes; for instance, sooji dhokla, dhokla sandwich, idli dhokla and more. All these recipes turned out to be super delicious. So, here we bring you one more amazing entrant to the list. It is called Tandoori Dhokla Recipe.

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As the name suggests, this recipe includes dhoklas tossed in a pool of tandoori masala. Trust us, it is perfect to satiate your taste buds when you crave something light yet delicious. And the best part is you just need a handful of ingredients like gram flour, curd, fruit salt, tandoori masala, ginger paste, red chilli powder and salt. While tempering, you need mustard seeds, curry leaves and oil. Besides, this lip-smacking fusion snack will be ready in less than 15 minutes and won’t even require much effort. So, what are you waiting for ? Let’s get started with the recipe.

Tandoori Dhokla Recipe: How To Make Tandoori Dhokla

You can even use your leftover dhoklas to prepare this recipe. To begin with, prepare the classic dhokla batter and steam it for 10-12 minutes. For the full recipe of dhokla, click here.

Now for Tandoori tempering, heat oil in a pan, add curry leaves, mustard seeds and let them splutter for a minute or so. Pour this tempering on the dhokla cubes. Lastly, sprinkle 1/2 tbsp tandoori masala on top.

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Try this unique recipe at home and let us know how you liked it in the comment section below. Happy Snacking!


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