Good Trouble Teases Break-Ups and New Relationships in Trailer


We’ve never seen Good Trouble look so bad.

The addictive drama is teasing fresh starts, bitter ends and a whole lot of messiness, in this exclusive trailer for the second half of season four, premiering July 7 on Freeform.

When we last left our gang at The Coterie, the communal apartment building at the heart of the show, pregnant Isabella (Priscilla Quintana) and Gael (Tommy Martinez) were navigating their new dynamic as soon-to-be parents.

As the trailer opens, Isabella and Gael—whose reunion remains a secret—are looking forward to the occasion with optimism, as Gael says smiling, “We’re having a baby in eight weeks.”

However, things don’t appear to stay rosy for long, as Isabella reveals, “My parents, they don’t think I’m fit to be a mother.” Meanwhile, Davia (Emma Hunton) tells Gael the couple is headed for disaster, saying, “There’s no way she’s okay with being pregnant with your baby and keeping your relationship a secret.”


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