Hate Tinda? This Recipe Will Change Your Dislike To Like For This Healthy Vegetable


We harp on and on about many vegetables, their benefits, their flavour and their various recipes. But there are some vegetables that are commonly made in Indian households, yet no one really talks about them. While aloo, bhindi, palak, gajar etc. take the mainstage, tinda thrives in the background offering our day-to-day meals with the same characteristics as all other popular vegetables. Tinda or (round gourd) is a ball-shaped green vegetable that we often see being made in our kitchen, but fail to give it its due credit, Reason? Not many people like its sour taste. But if you give it a chance, it grows on you just like karela and ghia. 

If you tried but still did not quite get around with its taste, why not try another recipe that is sure to change your opinion? For the same, here we have a recipe of tinda that is so tasty that you’ll actually start liking tinda. Now why we are coaxing you to try the vegetable in the first place? Because of its numerous health benefits. 


Tinda can be turned into some yummy delicacies.

Tinda’s Health Benefits You Should Know About: 

Tinda is full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which help keep common illnesses away. Plus, its high fibre and low-calorie content makes it an excellent food for weight loss diet. 

Now, coming back to the recipe we were talking about, here is an easy way to make bharwan tinda that will let you reap the many benefits of tinda. 

Bharwan Tinda Recipe I How To Make Bharwan Tinda 

Click this link to see the detailed recipe of bharwan tinda.  

Wash and peel the tindas, then slit each one from the centre and fill them with a fragrant mix of spices like mango powder, coriander powder, ginger, fennel seeds, fenugreek seeds, and more. The saute these stuffed tindas and enjoy the impeccable taste of it. 

Do try this bharwan tinda recipe and let us know how you liked it. 

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