Healthy Snacking: 5 Snacks Made With Different Dal For A Protein-Rich Tea Time Indulgence


The moment we talk of tea time indulgences, the very first names to cross our minds are samosa, kachori or tikki. Sure, these are absolute favourites and there is no beating them in the game of being ‘India’s favourite’, however, on some days, you just don’t feel like eating the same old snacks. As uncommon as it might be, there are many healthier snack options available and they are equally delicious too. From sprouts chaat to boiled chana mixture, we need not look far to find something chai time worthy if you are in the mood for something healthy. From the scores of ingredients that you can use to make a healthy snack, let us concentrate on one of the most accessible and protein-rich ingredients found in all Indian homes, Dal. From pakode, to chaat to dhokla, there is no dearth of snack recipes that can be made from our everyday favourite dals. Interested to try these out? Here are 5 of the best recipes.

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Snacks made of dal are delicious

5 Healthy Snacks Made With Different Dals:

1. Moong Dal Pakode (Our Recommendation)

Crunchy, flavourful and absolutely delicious when served piping hot, moong dal pakode needs no introduction! Famous street food in north India, especially Delhi, these dal fritters will liven up your evening platter no matter whether it is summer or winter. Learn how to make street style moong dal pakode, click here for the recipe.

2. Masoor Dal Ki Pakode:

Another pakoda recipe that is delicious and made of dal is this yummy masoor dal pakode. Make a paste out of soaked masoor dal and add seasonings to it. Deep fry tiny fritters until golden brown and serve hot. Click here for the recipe.

3. Chana Dal Dhokla:

If you are out of dhokla batter, then make one with chana dal! With this recipe, a batter will be ready in no time, and then all you need to do is temper it once ready. Click here for the detailed ingredients list and recipe.

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Chana dal dhokla is healthy and delicious

4. Dal Moth Namkeen:

Dal moth namkeen is a popular snack in north India. It is made with whole masoor dal that is fried and mixed with some electrifying spices, healthy nuts and crunchy sev. You can use aloo bhujia also instead of sev, or make sev at home from scratch. Click here for the recipe of dal moth namkeen.

5. Moong Dal Chaat:

Light, healthy and mouth-watering, this chaat is perhaps the quickest way to load up on protein while enjoying your evening tea. With just a dash of masalas and lemon, this moong dal chaat is definitely a show stealer! Cook soaked moong dal with hing and some other masalas and garnish with coriander and chutneys, your moong dal chaat is ready to be savoured. Click here for the recipe.

There you go, snack on these delicious dal snacks for a healthy and nutritious tea time indulgence.


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