Hina Khans Iftar Meal Was About Healthy Indulgences; Guess What All She Ate


The holy month of Ramadan has begun! For Indians, this auspicious month of fasting and praying began on 2nd April’22 and shall end on 2nd May’22, with Eid-al-Fitr to be celebrated the very next day. As we all know, Ramadan is celebrated by observing a day-long fast until sunset, known as ‘Roza’. During this time, people abstain from all kinds of food and drinks, even water. The only eating period during this festival is before sunrise (known as the ‘Sehri’) and after sunset (known as ‘Iftar’). People all around the country are observing this holy fast, even celebrities, and today, one of them has given us a sneak peek into what the ‘Iftar’ meal looks like!


Hina Khan, one of the most popular television actors, gave us a glimpse of her ‘Iftar’ feast and the delicious delicacies she was enjoying had us drooling! To break her fast (‘Roza’), she decided to keep it healthy and delicious. On her dinner table, we can see two plates full of fresh fruits, one of them being papaya. Next, we also spotted a refreshing salad of red radish and a bowl of dates. She was also enjoying chia seeds infused drink. The main dish that caught our eyes was the plate full of pakodas. Her balanced meal had all kinds of dishes that would satisfy her body and her soul. Take a look:

If you have been following Hina Khan on Instagram, then you’d know what a big foodie she is! With over 16.7 million followers, she loves to keep her fans updated about her daily food adventures. Recently, she was on a trip to Egypt and she shared all the delicious delicacies she tried on her international adventure!

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