Holi 2022: Make This Unique Malai Gujiya To Bring A Change In Your Holi Spread


It’s true that festivals and food go hand in hand; and it’s also true that there are some dishes that are specific to a particular festival. As the festival of Holi is drawing closer, we can’t help but crave for the famous Holi-special gujiya. The sweet fried pastry is a must in the festive spread, and many households have already started preparing it to be served to their guests and family on the D-day. Now we have made khoya gujiya year after year and loved it; why not try something different this time? Do you have a lot of malai stocked in your refrigerator? Use it to make this unique and special malai gujiya. 

We skim and store malai after boiling milk – we either churn it to make butter or homemade ghee. The same malai can be used to make the festive delicacy of gujiya. Wouldn’t it be amazing to offer something unusual to your loved ones this Holi? If you’ve been making gujiya often, this recipe should be a cinch for you.  

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Instead of market-bought khoya (or mawa), use homemade malai to make creamy and yummy gujiya. It’s not a difficult recipe to ace if you do it the right way. Make sure to cook the malai along with sugar and desiccated coconut to dry it out. This will help you to fry your gujiyas without any hassle of it tearing up. 

So, let’s get down to see how you can make this amazing gujiya for your Holi spread. 

Holi 2022: How To Make Malai Gujiya I Easy Malai Gujiya Recipe 

Click here to view the detailed recipe of malai gujiya.

Do try this recipe if you and your family love the mushy texture and creamy flavour of malai. 

Happy Holi 2022! 

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