Holi 2022: Surprise Your Guests With Delicious Jalebis Made In 10 Minutes


Holi 2022 is here, and we cannot contain our excitement! With a plate full of colours, buckets full of water balloons and tables lined up with sweets and thandai, all we want to do is let go of all our worries and have fun! However, if suddenly more guests have arrived at your place and you are running out of sweets, you might be wondering what to serve them? Well, if you are in this situation, we are here for your rescue! Today, we bring you an easy and instant recipe of jalebi that you must try! Crisp and delectable jalebi is a sweet delight that most of us enjoy eating hot and fresh directly off the pan! It’s no surprise that the halwais or sweet shops that serve this treat are constantly crowded with jalebi fans eager to get their hands on their favourite sweet. So, this year on Holi, surprise your guests with this amazing treat.

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The instant jalebi recipe that we bring you today is made by food vlogger “Cook with Parul.” She tells us how to make halwai style jalebis in 10 minutes in her quick recipe. She even shows the procedure to make a delicious chashni. Once you make this recipe, you can also choose to serve with some rabri. Find the full recipe below:

Here’s How To Make Instant Jalebi In 10 Minutes

First, she begins with making chashni. In a pan, add two cups of sugar and one cup of water. Let it mix on medium-high flame. Next, add elaichi powder and kesar strands to it. Once it is done, check for a slightly thick consistency and add a bit of lemon.

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Now for the jalebi batter, take maida, ghee and water. Make a thick consistency batter without lumps. Now add fruit salt and water to it. To make the jalebi shape, take an empty sauce bottle or piping bag and fill the batter in it. Make swirls from the batter and drop them in hot oil. Let it fry. Once it is done, mix these jalebis in chashni and enjoy!

Watch the full recipe video here:

Make these delicious sweet treats and enjoy them with your family. Let us know how you liked the taste of it!


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