Holi Celebrations Are About to Get Frevolutionary. Samsung Galaxy F23 5G Goes on Sale Today


Holi is just around the corner, and Samsung has launched a ‘Frevolutionary’ device to make the festival of colours special for you and your loved ones. Samsung Galaxy F23 5G is a head-turning, performance-driven, fully loaded smartphone with a host of first-ever features made just for Gen Z. It will be a perfect partner in your Holi celebrations and will allow you to flex your creativity in front of your friends and sway them off their feet.

Now, let’s tell you about those first ever features in the Samsung Galaxy F23 5G that will take your senses to the next level and entice you to add it to your Holi shopping list:

First ever Snapdragon 750G SoC to help you play with more than just colours
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The Samsung Galaxy F23 5G uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G SoC, which is very powerful and makes the device a true performance beast. With Galaxy F23 5G in your hands, you will be able to multitask or play heavy-duty online games with friends and cousins even after you are done playing Holi. You will require a high-speed connection to play your online games, and Snapdragon 750G is capable of delivering truly global 5G connectivity, which is enough for you to enjoy a zero-latency gaming environment. Not once will you find the phone lagging or having any heating issues. No matter what intense task you throw at it, the phone will take it all and still deliver a lag-free performance.

First ever 120Hz Gorilla Glass 5 Display for added protection on Holi
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The phone sports the first ever 120Hz refresh rate on Galaxy F that will make scrolling through the tons of Holi photos in your gallery and social media apps much smoother. The higher 120Hz refresh rates will make your eyes feel less tired after your crazy day out with your friends. However, you must be worried about what will happen to your smartphone’s display screen when the people around you throw water balloons, push and pull you into the festival madness? Well, hey, don’t you worry, as the Galaxy F23 5G comes with the first ever Gorilla Glass 5 that gives added protection to the screen. From scratches and waist-high drops onto hard, rough surfaces, it can handle all with ease. So yes, it’s all sorted.

First ever Voice Focus so you don’t have to leave the celebrations to take a call
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Holi is a festival of enjoyment and people gather on the day to sing and dance loudly without a care in the world. People play loud music everywhere, and it’s not easy to take calls even if you shout at the top of your voice or insert the earbud in your ear. And that is where Samsung’s Voice Focus feature comes into play. It filters out the background noise and delivers a clean and crisp call clarity so that you are always heard loud and clear without any trouble. Not just that, but it also enhances the receiver’s voice if you are unable to hear them. The Voice Focus feature does make the Galaxy F23 5G a must-have device before Holi.

First ever RAM Plus to help you do more this Holi
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With the new RAM Plus feature on your Galaxy F23 5G, you will easily be able to juggle between apps smoothly. No matter how many camera apps you install to click amazing photos or get filter apps or heavy games from the play store, Galaxy F23 will manage all of them without closing any app on its own. Suppose you have apps like camera, gallery, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, all open on your phone simultaneously, the Galaxy F23’s RAM Plus feature will easily manage all the apps and multitask without a hiccup. With RAM Plus enabled, the RAM will be doubled up to 12GB so that the phone does not forcibly close background apps and delivers blazing-fast performance. The app management will be as smooth as your dance moves at the Holi party.

First ever Power Cool Tech so your phone stays chill even when you party hard
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Power Cool Tech will handle the phone’s overheating issues brilliantly while you enjoy the festival of colours. When you will be busy celebrating Holi under the Sun, clicking pics and shooting videos or maybe going live on social media to show the celebration, the built-in Power Cool Tech feature will keep the temperatures of the phone cool. Even if you plan to stay in your room and binge-watch your favourite Holi movies or play graphically intensive games, the phone will stay cool and deliver the same performance all the time without showing any heating issues. You may be wondering what special this feature will do to the phone to keep its temperature cool at all times? Well, for the first time in the Galaxy F series; you get Power Coll technology that will dissipate the heat easily. So just celebrate however you want to because the Galaxy F23 5G will be there to handle anything you throw at it.

First ever 50MP cam with 123 Ultra Wide lens so you can capture that big gang of friends on your Holi celebration
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Who doesn’t love to take photos on Holi? With the first ever 50MP camera of the Samsung Galaxy F23 5G in your hand, you will be able to take bright and sharp photos of your friends during the Holi celebration. Not only this the phone features the first ever 123 degree ultra wide lens in the Galaxy F series that lets you to capture those wide angles that can fit the widest of the landscapes and that big gang of friends to make your celebrations bigger and wider. And to capture the finer details of that Holi colour, it comes with a 2MP Marco camera that allows you to flex your photography skills on social media. Also, you don’t even have to worry about picking the perfect camera mode to capture your special moments, as the AI-powered Single Take feature in the camera app will let you capture a combination of up to 10 photos and videos with a single click.

A Frevolutionary PRICE that will make your Holi extra special

The Samsung Galaxy F23 5G is coming at a special introductory price of just Rs.14,999 for the 4GB, 128GB variant and just Rs. 15,999 for the 6GB, 128GB variant (inclusive of ICICI Bank instant cashback worth Rs.1,000). The Frevolutionary Galaxy F23 5G is all you need to flex among your friends this Holi season. Sale is live on Flipkart and Samsung online store. Go make your Holi Frevolutionary with Galaxy F23 5G!

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