How Bachelor Nation Reacted to Rachel’s Rose Ceremony Rejections


Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia knew being co-Bachelorettes would be difficult, but I don’t think anyone thought it would be this rough.

The July 25 episode of The Bachelorette saw Gabby and Rachel divide the men between the two of them during the rose ceremony so each Bachelorette couldfocus on their own romantic journeys and eliminate any potential love triangles.

The pair took turns offering roses to the contestants and at first, it appeared to be going well. That is, until Rachel asked Termayne if he’d take her rose. 

It turns out Termayne felt he had a “deeper connection with Gabby,” so he declined Rachel’s offer. This meant that Rachel lost the opportunity to ask another man if he wanted to pursue a relationship with her. 

But this was only the beginning as she lost two more after Alec and James, a.k.a. Meatball, also rejected her offers. Suffice to say, Rachel was disappointed by the outcome of this new arrangement. As she told Gabby, “This was supposed to be us taking the power back. We literally handed it right back to all of them by doing this.”


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