How To Make Tutti Frutti With Fresh Watermelon | Easy Dessert Recipe


Top them on your ice cream, sprinkle on top of your cupcake or use them to decorate loaves of bread, tutti frutti is colourful candied fruit that has many uses and goes well with a number of sweet dishes. Bright and beautiful, these fruity bites have time and again revamped plain dishes and made them so much more tempting like the classic Indian vanilla tutti frutti cake that most of us have grown up devouring. Since a lot of recipes call for these candied fruits, we wonder if it was possible to make them at home and guess what? It totally is! No fancy ingredients and difficult recipe, all you need is some watermelon, food colour and sugar.

Usually made with papaya rinds, you can also make tutti frutti with one of the best summer fruits – Watermelon! While the cooling watermelon becomes a common part of our day in the sweltering heat of summers, we usually throw out the rinds of the fruit, but not anymore! Turns out, you can make tutti frutti out of them and how easily! In an Instagram video shared by digital creators Kushboo and Yash on their page @eatthisdelhi, we can see that it is just a matter of minutes for you to prepare homemade tutti frutti.

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Peel and scrape off all the access fruit or skin from the watermelon rinds, now cut these rinds into tiny 1 cm squares. Give them a quick wash and boil them for a couple of minutes, dunk them into a pan of hot sugar syrup and keep aside to cool down. Once cooled, add food colours of your choice and let them dry. In just a couple of hours, you will have a batch of fresh homemade tutti frutti waiting for you! From colourful ice cream sundaes to tutti frutti biscuits, you can create a list of delectable treats with this tutti frutti. Take a look at the video here:

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With summers almost here, you can use the homemade tutti frutti to top some delicious homemade ice creams too. Let us know how the recipe turns out in the comments below.


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