“How Trust Should Be Built”: IIM Alumni Tag On Milk Packet Leaves Twitter Divided


Let’s admit, the internet is one interesting space with various types of content to explore. While some are just for entertainment, some remain informative and insightful. Then there are content that initiate conversation on social media. That’s right. Every day we come across various posts, especially on Twitter, that sparks debate and divides the internet. One such post we recently came across was regarding a milk packet with “IIM Alumni” tag on it. You heard us. A Twitter user named Namanbir Singh shared picture of the milk packet that had “Founded by IIM Alumni” written on it. “What’s the point of writing your college name on a milk packet?!” Namanbir wrote alongside the post. Check out the tweet here:

In an environment where college and university tags are pitched for jobs and start-ups, this picture of the milk packet led to a Twitter debate in no time. While some approved of using college tags to build the initial trust on a product, others criticized the idea stating, “Trust should be built on the basis of quality, not college tags.”

“Degree for sure has value, but colleges are educational institutions. Not tags for marketing,” Namanbir further wrote in a twitter thread. “Talk about “milking” your college degree to the maximum extent,” replied another Twitter user.

“Nothing wrong or right. If the product is good it will work. Till then cheers” wrote another person. 

Find some other interesting replies here:

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