I Never Thought Basics Could Be Chic—Then I Saw These 29


Let’s be real: Basics aren’t usually the first pieces that come to mind when we’re trying to put together a cute outfit. Here at Who What Wear, we talk a lot about the importance of buildable basics to elevate a standout piece like a great jacket or pair of shoes. But rarely do we focus on the chic factor of those everyday items themselves. To use myself as an example, I’ve managed to get away with wearing the same white tee for years. My logic? Seen one, seen ’em all (terrible for a fashion writer, I know). However, I’m quickly learning that is not the case. 

Lately, my Instagram feed has been teeming with chic outfits composed of equally chic basics. Be it a high-neck white tank top or a mid-length leather skirt like the one seen on Sylvie Mus above, the concept that a basic can, in fact, make or break an outfit is setting in big time. To ensure that your basics are anything but boring, try looking for pieces with subtle details or in a more relaxed silhouette. And if you need some inspo, keep scrolling! I’ve got 29 effortless options ripe for the picking. 


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