In Mood For Chinese This Weekend? Make Easy Kung Pao Vegetables (Recipe Video)


The way Chinese food has found its foot in our country, it no longer seems like a foreign cuisine. From noodles to fried rice, Chinese food is available – from streets to restaurants. But, what we find in every nook and corner of India is not authentic Chinese but Indianised version of it. We created our very own Indo-Chinese cuisine by adding lots of masalas to classic Chinese dishes, and we love it all. But, do you ever feel like trying out other dishes than the usual noodles? We are sure you do. 

Here we have a recipe of Kung Pao vegetables that will give you a different Chinese experience but will rouse similar feelings. We found a recipe video of Kung Pao vegetables on YouTube channel ‘Ananya Banerjee’ and thought of sharing with you. The vegetarian dish can be easily made at home with common veggies and sauces that you use for making other Chinese dishes. The addition of cashews makes this dish a delight to eat. 

How To Make Kung Pao Vegetables:

Heat oil in a pan. Toss and stir-fry paneer or tofu and keep aside. In the same pan, saute garlic, green chillies and cashews. Wait till the cashews turn brown. Add vegetables like bell peppers, zucchini etc. Now make sauce by combining soy sauce, corn flour, brown sugar, vinegar and add salt to taste. When vegetables are suateed, add the corn flour slurry, add tofu and some sesame oil, along with some toasted sesame seeds. 

Watch the recipe video here:

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