Jamie Campbell Bower Confirms Jess Moloney Romance With a Kiss


For the actor, surfing has been a big part of his life⁠⁠—especially at the time of filming Stranger Things. “I had the moments where I was like, ‘OK, cool, man, your brain’s feeling pretty f–ked right now, you need to go to the beach,'” he told Euphoria magazine earlier this month. “‘You need to go for a surf. You need to just step outside and just chill for a few days. And then you can go back into it again.'”

The most difficult part about being Vecna though? Keeping quiet about his role. “When one gets attached to huge projects like this, everyone’s very excited and they want to know everything and they want to know what you are doing,” he explained. “Keeping my friends at bay and toeing the party line was probably the hardest thing, but the character building was not difficult to keep inside.”

Consider his lips sealed!


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