Jeannie Mai Introduces Her & Jeezy’s Baby Girl Five Months After Birth


While Jeannie admittedly had reservations about showing off Monaco to the world, she has not been shy to share her motherhood ups and downs. In a May 19 YouTube video, The Real host opened up about her breastfeeding journey.

“For the past three months, I’ve been by myself with my own little thoughts, trying my hardest to get any squeeze of milk possible outside my breasts,” she explained, later adding, “It was really, really, really upsetting.”

Jeannie continued, “You feel so defeated when your baby’s hungry. You’re not producing enough for the baby. You’re seeing all these commercials and other women and even Instagram showing these amazing pictures of moms bonding with their kids breastfeeding.”

Reflecting on her choice to share her personal experience with breastfeeding to the world, Jeannie said it was her “first time I get to connect with moms.”

She added, “I really just want to hear so much from everybody out there and I have so much to learn.”


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