Kristin Cavallari Shares If She’d Hook Up With Stephen Colletti Again


Their shared family is part of the reason why Kristin refrains from discussing any major details about their “toxic” relationship. “Because I have three kids with him, I’m very careful about what I say,” she explained on Call Her Daddy. “You know, that’s their dad. My oldest Googles us now and I just want to be very careful.” 

She added, “It was toxic. Period, end of story, that’s all I kind of need to say.” 

The Uncommon James founder also shared when she knew it was time to walk away. 

“I think with any relationship you just have to realize what are deal breakers for you, what’s important to you and what’s not,” Kristin said. “I was really unhappy, I mean, and that was the bottom line. I was in an unhealthy relationship and so that, to me, is not worth it.” 

And it wasn’t a precedent that she wanted to set for her children.

She continued, “I didn’t want my kids thinking that that was normal and, you know, I wanted them to see me happy and see me eventually—not right now, but eventually—see me with someone who really respects me and treats me the way I need to be treated.” 

Still, Kristin said she wishes the best for Jay going forward.  

“I hope that he finds someone. I really do,” she said. “I mean, I want him happy. My kids benefit from that, you know? So I hope that he gets remarried.” 


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