Lays Pakistan Introduces Jalebi Flavoured Chips; Pulls The Best Prank Ever


Of the thousand times that you have seen a bizarre food combo and thought to yourself ‘is this a joke?’, how many times has it actually been a joke? Almost never! From mithai momo to Oreo pakoda to even masala dosa ice cream roll, we have seen some of the wildest creations come to life on social media. Foodies worldwide have almost given up hope and have accepted the fact that we will have to encounter many unappetising food combos every now and then, no matter how much we hate it. However, it seems that a famous potato chips brand recently got on the last nerve of its customers and all hell broke loose!

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The official page of Lay’s Pakistan uploaded an image recently and shattered the hopes of many of its loyal customers. The image in question was the one that declared their brand-new flavour, ‘Jalebi Lays’. The image instantly caught the attention of fans and followers worldwide and the official pages on Instagram and Twitter were bombarded with non-stop comments. Food bloggers and fans of Lays chips started sharing the image and in just a day’s time, almost everyone had heard of the monstrosity.

Take a look at the picture here:

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However, before it was too late, many fans pointed out that it was in fact a prank! The image was uploaded on the 1st of April and the brand managed to pull one of the best pranks ever on millions of people online. Nonetheless, the comments section on both Twitter and Instagram were crammed with hilarious comments, some of which we present to you here:

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Other comments from Instagram are:

“You played with my heart”

“Insaniyat khatam ha bhai…mtlab k hadd hogai” (This is the end of humanity, just too much)

“Ye kia dekhna par raha hai” (Why do I even have to see this)

“Khuda ka khof kro” (Fear the Lord before making creations like this)

“Thank God it’s April fools or I would’ve puked”

What are your thoughts on this prank? Was this the best prank ever or what?


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