Liam Payne Recalls Time One Direction Bandmate “Threw Me” Against Wall


“You can always look at the man for where he is and say, ‘Oh yeah, whatever, that guy’s a d–k,’ right?” he continued. “But at the end of the day, once you understand what he’s been through to get to that point, and also whether or not he actually even wanted to be there.”

Liam added that he gets what it is like to be “misunderstood,” so he relates to Zayn to an extent.

“Listen, I don’t agree with any of his actions,” Liam said. “I can’t commend some of the things that he’s done. I can’t be on his side for that. What I can say is I understand and your only hope is that at some point in their life the person on the other end of the phone wants to receive the help that you’re willing to give them.”


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