Love Dimsums? Try Ah-So-Yum In Gurgaon For Delish Pan Asian Delicacies Like Dimsums, Baos, Sushi, And More


There is a reason why dim sums are extremely popular today. Bite-sized, comforting, and packed with an explosion of flavours, these Asian delicacies enjoy a staunch fan following worldwide. Thankfully, if you are in the capital and feel like munching on some delish dim sums, Ah-So-Yum caters to all your dim sum needs and more! With an extensive menu that comes with 39 varieties of dim sums, sushi, bao, and a list of other Pan-Asian delicacies, it is just the fix you need if you are an Asian food lover. Spicy, tantalising, and hearty dishes like chilli garlic noodles, Khao Suey, Mongolian chicken, and a variety of sushi are some of their other specialties.

Fluffed to perfection and packed with flavors, the bao buns from Ah-so-yum are not to be missed too! Their specialty of unique and adorable baos had us hooked the moment we saw the Kung fu panda bao. Fluffy and soft, their boas are also available in a number of other adorable shapes.

Next up, we tried some vibrant and colorful sushis which proved to be quite a stellar affair. The names were as fun as their presentation! We went for rainbow, carrot top, and red riding hood sushi. Along with these, we tried a range of their celebrated dimsums. We went for vegetable chilli oil, chicken basil dim sum, and cheese and truffle oil dim sum. Filled with melt-in-your-mouth fillings, the dim sums did not disappoint at all!


Ah-so-yum has a beautifully curated menu of dim sums and bao buns. 

Along with these quick bites, we sampled some of Ah-So-Yum’s range of chicken curries, our top picks out of which will be Mongolian Chicken and Mr. Chong’s Curry paired with some chilli garlic noodles and orient fried rice. Both the curries were abundantly spiced, with perfect crunchy vegetables and tender chicken pieces. The chilli garlic noodles had a hint of heat to them while the fried rice turned out to be the perfect accompaniment for the chicken curries.


They deliver a wide selection of Pan-Asian delicacies to your doorsteps. 

After finishing the impressive spread from Ah-so-yum, all we can say is that we are hooked! Get these delicacies and more delivered to your doorstep, call on their official numbers, or order online on the Ah-so-yum website.


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