Love Island: Treat Yourself With the Eye Gels From the Show


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Season 4 of Love Island USA just started, but we have already seen so much. From the recoupling shockers to the the love triangles (and squares), there are a lot of changes to keep up with every single episode. However, there’s one pairing that will never ever split up this season: the Islanders and their under-eye gels. The cast has worn Kokostar eye patches in practically every episode. We’ve seen the stars rock these for those morning post-drama catch-up sessions. Some of them wore the gels under sunglasses for a more relaxing experience.

If you’re wondering how the Season 4 stars look so well-rested with long days full of competitions, dates, and drama, you’re not the only one who’s curious. We don’t know all of the Islanders beauty secrets (yet), but we can try out one of their go-to products. The Kokostar under-eye gels are an honorary cast member at this point. If you want to feel like you’re a part of the Love Island USA experience, skip the drama and add these relaxing eye gels to your TV-watching ritual.


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