Make This Healthy Paneer Pizza To Satiate Your Cravings On Weight Loss Diet


The most difficult part about dieting is resisting the urge to dig into our favourite indulgent foods. The mere thought of avoiding pizzas, burgers and pasta makes us cringe, and sometimes, even stops us from dieting in the first place. Weight loss is important, not just to lose excess weight, but also to stay healthy and fit. So, don’t let your unrequited cravings come in the way of that. Instead, embark on the weight loss journey without compromising your taste and health, both. How? Make healthier versions of your favourite foods.  

We have a recipe that fits the bill. If you didn’t know it already, pizza can be healthy too! It’s just the way you make it and the ingredients you use. This paneer pizza recipe, in particular, is so healthy and tasty that you would binge on it on your weight loss diet, totally guilt-free.  

Wheat flour pizza base replaces refined flour base, paneer (cottage cheese) replaces processed cheese, and olive oil replaces butter. With all the healthy and loved ingredients, now indulge in your favourite dish without having to count the calories. 

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Make healthy pizza with healthy pizza base.

Paneer Pizza Recipe I How To Make Healthy Paneer Pizza At Home: 

Click here for the complete recipe for healthy paneer pizza.  

First of all, make pizza sauce with tomatoes, garlic, basil leaves and Italian seasonings in olive oil. Then smear the pizza base with the sauce and top it with onions, capsicum, tomatoes and olives. Grate a block of cottage cheese all over it and bake it in the oven or cook covered in a pan.  

Simple! Isn’t it? 

Next time, the recurring pizza craving nudges you and you look at the weighing scale in dismay, stop right there. Pick this recipe and indulge yourself, because you deserve it.  

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