Malabar Paneer Recipe: This Rich And Creamy Curry Is The Ideal Mid-Week Indulgence


Who doesn’t love paneer? India’s love for paneer goes far and deep, so much so that our meals are often incomplete without a delicious paneer curry at its centre. This tender and soft ingredient is prepared by curdling milk and straining the moisture from it. We all know that paneer is an excellent source of protein but did you know that (according to the USDA) 100 grams of paneer has 11 grams of proteins?! Clearly, paneer is not only delicious but extremely healthy for our bodies as well. Our love for paneer has made us find the recipe of a creamy South Indian paneer curry that will make you salivate. It is none other than Malabar paneer.

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Malabar paneer is a rich and creamy paneer gravy that is cooked in typical South Indian preparation. Paneer cubes are bathed in masaledar coconut curry to give this wonderful dish. It is super easy to make and is a must-try for coconut lovers!


Malabar Paneer Recipe: How To Make Creamy Malabar Paneer:

Heat oil in a kadhai, saute onions, tomatoes, capsicum and green chillies for 3-4 minutes. Add hing, turmeric powder, coriander powder, cumin powder, chilli powder and salt. Mix it well. Pour the coconut milk and let it cook in the seasoning. Add the paneer cubes to the coconut gravy, cover the pan with a lid and cook it slowly for 3-4 minutes. The Malabar paneer is ready!

Click here for the step-by-step recipe of Malabar Paneer Curry.

Serve this Malabar paneer curry with steamed rice or appam and you’ll have a wholesome and creamy meal ready.

Sounds easy, right?! Make this delicious Malabar paneer and surprise your family with your amazing culinary skills. Do tell us in the comments section how you liked this recipe.


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