“Missing This,” Says Shilpa Shetty As She Shared A Healthy Indulgence; See Pic


Who doesn’t love to dig in vibrant-looking fresh salads? They not only make your meal healthy but also give your body the much-needed punch of nutrition. Seems like Shilpa Shetty agrees with us on this one. The actress shared a photo of a pomelo salad and said that she was missing it. In the snap, the healthy treat was garnished with greens and a lot of other ingredients. This specific salad, made using the fruit pomelo, comes with sweet, sour, and spicy flavours. Having this salad would mean enjoying the juicy fruit along with other savoury ingredients. Shilpa wrote, “Missing this”, and added the hashtag “Pomelo salad”.

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Shilpa Shetty has a lot to offer when it comes to inspiring people to lead healthy lives. She herself follows clean eating habits and motivates us to do the same. A couple of weeks ago, she had shared a snapshot of a bowl of healthy breakfast and it looked yummy. Shilpa relished tasty soaked oats and her breakfast bowl also featured blueberries and slices of bananas. She just used a couple of hashtags to define her meal — “soaked oats” and “breakfast girl”. Read more about it here.

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Chomping on a variety of foods is one pleasurable experience, and we must learn how to have fun with the same from Shilpa Shetty. Her food diaries from Punjab recently left us with a rumbling tummy. She just couldn’t resist the region’s best lassi. She shared glimpses of her lassi on Instagram. The beverage was served in an earthen kulhad. Shilpa said, “When in Punjab, do what the Punjabis do. Lassi.” In the next Instagram Stories, we saw her drinking it. The drink also gave her a “moustache” above her lips. Shilpa wrote, “Lassi ‘Stache.” Click here to take a look.

Shilpa Shetty appreciates home-cooked food like none other. She runs a series on Instagram “Gratitude 52” where she shares her life’s blessings. As a part of the series, she once posted a picture of her delectable platter and sent us drooling. We could see roti, accompanied by a range of curries on the plate. There was a bowl of chole curry, and a dry preparation of cauliflower cooked with chopped carrots and spices. There was some portion of indulgent paneer curry as well. The other slide in the post read “Grateful for: A healthy meal.” Take a look at it here.

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