Mouni Roy’s Delicious Maggi Indulgence Will Leave You Drooling


Let’s agree, that Maggi remains to be special for most of us among a variety of snacks available out there. We have grown up relishing Maggi to either beat hunger pangs or simply because we enjoy its taste. From childhood memories to those growing up years when we bond with hostel friends over Maggi, there’s a sense of nostalgia associated with the food. And much to our delight, we love having it time and again still. Seems like we have someone else who can connect with this feeling. We are talking about actress Mouni Roy. She is a self-confessed foodie and her food Stories on Instagram showed a plateful of delicious Maggi. She tagged Vanessa Walia and wrote, “Hi.”       

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Take a look:


Did Mouni Roy’s food Stories make you crave Maggi? Or even if it made you think of happy memory, it’s time to relive it and make some delectable Maggi at home. No, you don’t have to stick to the traditional way. Try out these versions and you’ll like them.

1) Punjabi Tadka Maggi

Are you a hardcore desi when it comes to food? Well, if yes, then this Punjabi tadka Maggi is for you. The flavours of butter, fiery dried red chilli and burnt garlic create a super delicious dish. Make it today and enjoy.   

2) Street-Style Cheese Maggi

This popular street-style cheese Maggi has our heart. The Maggi smeared in cheese is truly addictive and often leaves everyone craving. 

3) Makhni Maggi

This would again appeal to the tastebuds of people who don’t mind giving a desi twist to food items they eat. Makhni Maggi recipe is far from simple. It carries a tomato-based creamy gravy with a beautiful melange of spices. Thinking of making it already? Do it today itself.    

4) Maggi Bhel

This is a unique take on Maggi that each one of us must try at home. This will be helpful when you want to accompany a good snack with your evening hot cuppa. Maggi bhel is exactly like the regular bhel we savour, just that, you need to replace the murmura (muffed rice) with Maggi here.

5) Maggi Manchurian

Do we need to say more? This dish is all things delish. If you are a sucker for Chinese food then this dish is worth trying.

Try out these recipes at home and hope you have a good experience with making them. 


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