Mouni Roy’s Sri Lanka Food Diaries Include These Mouth-Watering Treats


Mouni Roy is a popular foodie on Instagram and is a pro at setting goals for her online followers. From enjoying comforting dishes to exotic desserts, Mouni’s gastronomic adventures have it all. Going by her latest posts on Instagram, Mouni is in Colombo, Sri Lanka. And keeping up with her foodie side, she has been sharing glimpses from her culinary trails from there. So, what all did she eat? Mouni shared a photo dump where we could see a wholesome pizza garnished with cheese and a number of other toppings.

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She shared a series of snapshots on her Instagram Stories as well and it includes the same pizza along with a platter of delectable spaghetti kept next to it. The other picture shows an exotic food that consisted of grilled bread garnished with a variety of toppings. The slices of bread were loaded with a variety of dressing, including black olives and some greens.

Mouni also tried some local cuisine and it looked super tempting. She dropped another snippet of Kiribath, a Sri Lankan dish made with rice. Her meal was served with spicy curry-like accompaniments and a bowl of dal.


Mouni Roy recently got married to beau Suraj Nambiar and treated us to a trail of delicious food posts. The actress kept sharing photos from the wedding including her daily meals post-wedding. One photo showed us a dish that’s a favourite of every Bengali. It was a plate of khichdi and begun bhaja (Bengali-style baingan fry). Being a Bengali herself, Mouni couldn’t resist this. Her food journey continued with a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows. Read more about it here.

If you’ve been following Mouni Roy closely, you would know that her love for penne pasta isn’t a secret anymore. Some months ago, when she was in Dubai, she enjoyed the dish to her heart’s content. She shared a photo of penne pasta, decorated with basil leaves. It looked yummy. We could also spot some greens and a loaf of bread kept on the side. Mouni captioned it, “Staple.” Don’t forget those exotic desserts too. Click here to take a look at it.

Mouni Roy’s food posts are a delight. Don’t you think so?


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