Move Over Baingan Bharta; Try These 5 Baingan Curries For A Scrumptious Lunch


The ideal meal for the weekday is dal, chawal, sabzi and roti! With different dal and sabzi combos every day, we get to enjoy a wholesome and nutritious meal that shall soothe our soul and build our body. One vegetable that is often enjoyed as a sabzi is baingan! While many don’t tend to enjoy this sabzi, this underrated vegetable can be turned into some of the most delicious dishes in Indian cuisine. And when we say dishes, we don’t just mean baingan ka bharta! You can stuff the brinjal with spicy masalas and get bharwa baingan, cook the baingan in yoghurt and you’ll get the Odia delicacy – dahi baingan!

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5 Baingan Ki Sabzi For A Delicious Mid-Week Lunch:

1.Brinjal Fry

Popularly known as Begun Bhaja in the eastern part of India, it is among the most favourite accompaniments across cuisines of the region. What makes this aubergine dish a lip-smacking treat is of course the crisp outer layer slathered with spices and the delicate inner flesh which just melts in the mouth as you bite into it.

Click here for the full recipe of Brinjal Fry.


2.Bharwa Baingan

Bharwa baingan is also known as bharli vangi in Marathi. The stuffed brinjal is fried and then served in rich and dense gravy. You can team it with roti, naan or rice depending upon your choice. The mouth-watering recipe may be a little time-consuming, but it is totally worth it.

Click here for the full recipe of Bharwa Baingan.

3.Achari Baingan

In this recipe, deep-fried baby eggplants are fried and then tossed in a tangy masala that makes your tongue tingle. Pair this baingan recipe with spicy laccha parathas or naan, and you’ll have a delectable lunch to gorge on with the family.

Click here for the full recipe of Achari Baingan.

4.Bagara Baingan Masala

A true-blue Indian dish, bagara baingan masala (baghaar-e-baingan) is a Hyderabadi special that is served along with biryani as a side dish. Deep-fried eggplant cooked in tangy, spicy gravy with a myriad of spices. It is a perfect curry dish to serve with biryani or rice for your next meal.

Click here for the full recipe of Bagara Baingan Masala.


5.Dahi Baingan

As the name suggests, the key ingredient of this Odia delicacy is yoghurt and baingan. Dahi baingan is a sour dish and is often served alongside Odia thali. The tangy curry is prepared by filling the baingans with a host of spices and cooking them in yoghurt gravy.

Click here for the full recipe of Dahi Baingan.

Try out these baingan recipes and do tell us which one is your favourite!


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