Navroz 2022 Special: 5 Parsi-Style Egg Recipes That You Must Try


The Parsi community from across the world are celebrating Parsi New Year today (March 21, 2022). Popularly referred to as Navroz (or Nowruz), it is a combination of two words – ‘Nav’ means new and ‘Roz’ means day. According to the Zoroastrian calendar, Navroz marks the first day of Farvardin (first month of the year). The festival coincides with summer equinox (on March 21, 2022), marking the season of regeneration. On this day, friends and families gather and celebrate the day with love, warmth and much enthusiasm. And needless to say, food plays a major role in Parsi New Year celebration. In fact, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that Parsi festivals remain incomplete without a grand Parsi feast.

However, we also understand it’s a Monday and that too after an extended weekend (thanks to Holi); meaning, making an elaborated meal might be a bit tough for many of us. This is why, we bring you a list of some classic and fuss-free recipes from the Parsi kitchen that are not only easy to prepare but will also help you keep up the festive vibe to the fullest. And the best part is, you just need a few eggs and some basic ingredients to prepare these super delicious Parsi recipes. Sounds perfect; isn’t it? So, without further ado, let’s take you through these delicious recipes.

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Eggs are one of the major ingredients in Parsi cuisine
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Navroz 2022 Special: Here’re 5 Parsi-Style Egg Recipes For You:


Mention Parsi food and akuri is possibly one of the first dishes we can think of. It is a mildly spiced Parsi-style egg bhurji that includes potatoes, ginger and some spices in it. You also find a variation of akuri – bharuchi akuri – where eggs are cooked with spices, dry fruits and nuts. Akuri is traditionally paired with pao and can elevate your meal in just no time. Click here for the recipe.

Sali Par Edu:

For the unversed, Sali stands for a base that is prepared by deep frying partially boiled and grated potatoes. And edu (eeda) means “eggs on the top”. Here, we prepare a delicious base with Sali and break the eggs on the top. It can also be referred to as the distant cousin of Italian Frittata. Sali Par Edu is served with baked beans and toast and makes for a delicious meal anytime of the day. Click here for the recipe.

Tomato Papeta Par Eeda:

A tangy variation of Sali Par Edu, here we first prepare a delicious tomato sauce. It is then added to a baking pan (as a base), with potato wedges and eggs placed on the top. The dish is then baked and served hot with butter-toasted pav by the side. Sounds delicious, right? Click here for the recipe.

Bhaji Par Eeda:

In this variation, we add fresh methi leaves to the dish. The methi leaves are first soaked in salt water and washed to eliminate the bitterness. It is then cooked along with some spices and finally, eggs are added to it. Besides buttered toast, Bhaji Par Eeda can also be served with roti and paratha, or just a simple bread. Click here for the recipe.

Parsi Poro:

Poro is one of the easiest dishes in the Parsi cuisine. Much like masala omelette, here fried eggs are served with chopped vegetable seasonings. The colourful vegetables make this dish look so beautiful that it is also referred to as the jeweled Parsi omelette. It is best enjoyed when served with Irani chai. Click here for the recipe.

Now that you have these delicious recipes handy, we suggest try them at home and welcome the New Year with all things delicious. And do let us know which of the above recipes you enjoyed the most.

Navroz 2022 Mubarak, everyone!


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