Nomad Pizza Promises A Voyage Of The World Through Its Food


We have always associated pizza with Italian cuisine, even though we relish just the Indianised version of it. Have you ever wondered how pizza tastes like in other regions across the globe? Calling out all pizza lovers in the country to experience the beloved pizza in its most elemental form, Nomad Pizza offers authentic pizzas not just from Italy but from ‘around the world’. Customers get to experience a travelogue through their taste buds; they get to experience the true pizza flavours all the way from Chicago, Korea, New York, Spain and more. 


Being a pizza lover myself, I was quite intrigued by the entire concept and decided to try their menu. I loved, loved, loved their Chicago-Deep Dish Pizza, so this goes up on the top of my recommendation list. If you are loyal to your Pepperoni Pizza, you won’t be disappointed by The Naples-Pepperoni Pizza, and if you are feeling experimental, the Korean-Chicken Bulgogi Pizza may sate you, but only of you have a taste for Korean flavours. I liked the idea of pizza topped with sesame seeds, but the sauce was a bit too sweet for my palate. 


And if you want to try something different than the usual pizza, the Italy-Smoked Chicken Calzone must be your pick. As promised, the smokiness of the chicken will please your taste buds to the hilt. Don’t forget to pair your meal with garlic bread with on-point flavours. 

Another commendable thing about Nomad Pizza is that it takes care to use fresh ingredients and also deliver the food in a special multi-ventilation packaging that retains its fresh flavours. 

Also, there’s good news for Mumbai people – while, Nomad has 10 outlets spread over Delhi NCR and Chandigarh, it has just launched its Mumbai operations with a plan to launch another 5 outlets in the next 2 months to cover the city! 

Nomad Pizza delivers from 12 noon till 2 in the night! Order in next time the pizza craving strikes. 

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