Perbacco: Indulge In The Exotic Meal Curated By Michelin Star Chef Adriano Baldassarre


No matter how your week goes, a bowl of excellent pasta goes a long way. Traditional Sicilian wines, rich creamy pasta, freshly baked pizzas and scoops of gelato of different flavours – Italian cuisine has a lot to offer. While Delhi might be popular for its excellent Mughalai places and endless top-notch Chinese and Japanese options, its Italian restaurants are no less and Perbacco at The Lodhi is proof of that. Perbaaco is a place that lifts you up instantly. There’s no better way to enjoy an evening than to be at a vibrant restaurant that caters to all your senses with good food, bright, lift-me-up ambience and the beautiful aroma of flavours spewing all around.

The new menu of the restaurant, curated by Michelin Star Chef, Adriano Baldassarrechef, is extensive and reflects the true Italian food culture. It’s one that will make you want to come back to try their exclusive dishes since I bet you won’t be able to have it all in a single visit.

We started off with appetisers like suppli alla romana – a suppli rice that comes with mozzarella and spicy tomato dip, crostini con porcini e maggiorana – porcini mushroom bread crouton topped with marjoram, bruschetta al pomodoro pesto di basilico e riduzione di balsamico – tomato bruschetta that comes with basil pesto and balsamic reduction, and finally, penne pizza aglio e rosmarino – which is humble pizza bread with garlic and rosemary as toppings. There could be nothing better than suppli alla romana to work up my appetite. It’s also called arancini – crispy from the outside and creamy (read cheesy) from the inside, and the spicy tomato dip was just adding more flavour to the dish. I absolutely loved penne pizza aglio e rosmarino, so this goes up on the top of my recommendation list.


Having enjoyed the opening sequences, I moved to the second course. Agnello tonnato, capperi e cipolla – which is a lamb tonnato with capers and onion on the top, and ribollita toscana – it’s a Tuscan ribollita. My heart goes to ribollita toscana – this hearty mix of leftover vegetables makes for an ideal comforting meal.

In the third course, I was served ravioli ricotta e spinaci ed erbe, burro salvia e noci – in other words, ravioli and spinach ravioli with butter, sage and walnut, and tortelli di carne e gremolata – meat tortelli and gremolata. Both the dishes met my expectation and were quite wholesome. Now I am a big eater and am very partial to Italian but I couldn’t finish my meal. This isn’t a statement on the quality. The freshly-made pasta was a joy to eat.


If you have some more space left, then you must go for melanzane alla parmigiana – an egglant parmigiana. The flavour of baked eggplant slices will please your taste buds to the hilt.


The enchanting gastronomical journey doesn’t end there. I highly recommend delzia al limone dessert to round off your meal in the best way.


The overall vibe of Perbacco is interactive, lively and vibrant. So, if you are in Delhi and feel like savouring delicious Italian food, Perbacco at The Lodhi is the right place to be.


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