Pisces Weekly Horoscope


WEEK OF May 23 – 2 9, 2022

On Tuesday, you can start to manifest some of those blue-sky dreams as motivational Mars marches into Aries and your second house of work and money until July 5. This once-every-two-years cycle is the time you bring structure to those fantasies and sit down with a spreadsheet to see which ideas, if any, have legs. Yes, this also means that you’re waving farewell to the red planet, who’s been filling you up with big Pisces energy since it arrived in your sign on April 14. But the truth is, you’re ready to start generating results. “Practical” and “concrete” are your buzzwords over the coming six weeks. This Mars cycle—AKA, “Show me the money!” time—may feel like a lot of work, but this is how you get to your next level. The hardest part could be trying to explain your high-concept vision to conservative, cost-conscious types whose eyes are on the bottom line. Focus on how this is ahead of its time and how it can benefit THEM.

You’re up for this kind of challenge, Fish, but you may have to slip into “suit” mentality to communicate in a language they’ll understand. Come at them with facts, figures, statistics and projections you can back up. In your personal life, put your credit cards under lock and key. This Martian cycle gives you the urge to splurge, something your sign is particularly skillful at. In the past your itchy trigger finger has led to pricey bouts of retail therapy, which may have set you back on a practical savings plan. The “go for it” red planet will increase your lust for luxury. We’re not saying you can’t treat yourself to anything—just that you need to do a little budget analysis before you let yourself loose.

Has your crew come unglued? You can bring the band back together starting this Saturday, when affable Venus zips into Taurus and your outgoing third house. Between now and June 22, you could find yourself at the center of a buzzing hive. Just try not to accept EVERY tempting invitation or you could quickly overload yourself. But if an event sounds “too good to cancel,” make it your business to be there. Even if you’ve been a little sluggish lately, your energy stores will refill in the company of inspiring, uplifting people. Since the third house governs local happenings, the action may be a mere Lyft ride away. Check the calendars at all the local venues. From wine tastings to trivia nights, you could get your fill of fun AND add some fabulous new friends to your database. Have you been stuck in a tense holding pattern with someone you adore? If there’s an issue you need to bring out in the open, this transit of diplomatic Venus can make the initial awkwardness a lot easier.

On Sunday, your co-ruler, expansive Jupiter, hosts its every-other-year meeting with energizer Mars. In 2022 (and for the first time since 2011!) these two power planets make an exact connection in Aries and your second house of income and practical luxury. This may bring a surge of moneymaking mojo, so if you have a venture to pitch, Sunday’s the day to prep all those decks so you can follow up with key contacts and make a bold phone call first thing Monday. While you’re on a roll, review your spending plan. A few less sample-sized grabs at the register endcap might open up flow for Sunday brunches. You could make other savvy decisions like canceling a studio membership you never use and taking fun and affordable dance lessons instead. Whatever the case, make sure you have a column for entertainment as well as all those utility bills. Knowing what you have to play with means letting your hair down without guilt.

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