“Puttu Breaks Relationship” This Kids Dislike For Puttu Has A Hilarious Reason Behind It


When we wake up in the morning, the first thing that comes to our mind is breakfast. We can’t help but wonder what delicious meal we will get to start our day with. For us, South Indian food is often the go-to choice for this meal as not only is it super easy to make, but it is also delicious. Idli, sambhar, dosa, appam, just thinking about these breakfast delicacies has us salivating. However, one kid on the internet disagrees. When asked about the food the kid doesn’t like, his response to the question was puttu, an extremely popular South Indian dish prepared with rice and coconut, and the reason behind his dislike for this dish is so hilarious that people on Twitter can’t help but laugh!

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Now you must be wondering, how did the kid express his dislike? The kid’s dislike for puttu was spotted in an answer sheet. In the paper, all students were asked to write a paragraph on “The Food I Don’t Like” and in the answer, the child starts by saying “The food I don’t like is puttu.” After explaining what puttu is in the answer, the child moves on to telling how his mother finds it very easy to make so she makes it for him as breakfast every morning. But that is not the only complaint he has for puttu, he also adds that puttu becomes rock hard after five minutes, making it difficult for him to eat. And when he asks his mother to make something different for breakfast then his pleading is not heard; instead, he starves and gets a scolding from his mother. For the child, “Puttu breaks relationship”! Take a look at the tweet:

The tweet was published by Elina (@LawyerInBaking) and it has 7000 likes and 900 retweets. After reading about this kid’s complaint against puttu, this is what people commented:

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