RHOSLC’s Jen Shah Pleads Guilty in Fraud Case


Shah is due back in court for sentencing on November 28.

Stuart Smith, Shah’s assistant, was arrested on similar charges—conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering, as well as obstructing an official proceeding—last year. He initially pleaded not guilty but reversed his plea during a hearing in Nov. 2021. At RHOSLC‘s season two reunion, Shah told host Andy Cohen that she hadn’t spoken to Smith since they were both arrested. 

Asked how she reacted to the news about Smith’s plea change, she said, “I wish I could respond to that or answer it but I can’t because it has to do, obviously, with the legal case.”

“We didn’t work together in the businesses that were being discussed,” Shah added of her relationship with Smith. “Stuart wasn’t around me every day which is why I had a lot of other assistants, because he was doing his own stuff.”


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