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May 28, 2022

On Saturday, aesthetic Venus kicks off her annual tour of your sixth house of organization, details and service. How can you combine those qualities to do something that makes you feel useful and inventive? Is there a creative project you’ve been putting off because you don’t see yourself as one of “those” types of people? Got some furniture to strip and stain, a half-finished mandala coloring book or maybe a jewelry piece you’re modifying? Picture the final product, then dive in and plan to complete it before Venus leaves on June 22. With Venus in your fitness house, bring a beautifying touch to your healthy meals and workout gear. Sunday’s fame-fueling conjunction between fiery Mars and your ruler, live-out-loud Jupiter, could push you into the spotlight, ready or not. This moment hasn’t come around since 2011—and it won’t again for another decade—so get proactive about promoting your latest, greatest hits. Romantically, be clear and assertive to avoid tumbling down a slippery slope of misinterpretation.

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