Severance Writer Dan Erickson on the Timeliness of the Series


Dan Erickson is to credit for creating the world in which Severance exists, but even he couldn’t have anticipated that the Apple TV+ series would premiere during the coronavirus pandemic and Great Resignation.

“I wrote the original pilot of this 10 years ago, which feels like a completely different universe now,” the Emmy nominee told E! News. “People aren’t quite as satisfied to keep the status quo going with work and everything, as we may have thought we were a few years ago, so it’s a very interesting time for the show.”

And it’s even more interesting to write the show as a full-time job. Erickson recognizes the irony, saying, “Even in a job like this one, there’s bureaucracy that you deal with that is common to any other job, so it’s funny. It’s become a weird little exercise.”

As he plans out season two, the latest challenge has been crafting a story that will excite viewers, while also staying true to the series he envisioned 10 years ago. 


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