Shop the New Cult Gaia x Bratz Collection Before It’s Gone


Every few years, a collaboration comes around that shakes things up, surpassing the hundreds of collabs that launch every week and subsequently showing up everywhere. In 2020, there was Gucci x North Face, followed by Fendi x Skims in 2021. And now, hardly three months into 2022, we have this year’s top pairing: Cult Gaia x Bratz. 

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles–based fashion brand, founded by Jasmin Larian, posted a slew of announcement posts on Instagram, starting with one that showed a text message being typed out on a Motorola Razr (#throwback) that read, “See you tomorrow for something special.” A few hours later, another post was shared, this time, a video clip showing the girls with a passion for fashion—that is, Yasmin, Jade, Cloe, and Sasha of the Bratz Doll franchise—driving in a car with the license plate “BRATZ4EVR.” That was when I, being somewhat of a Bratz expert, knew what was coming.

You see, what many people don’t know is that Larian and Bratz have a long history. The daughter of WGA Entertainment founder and CEO Isaac Larian, Jasmin Larian grew up alongside the cult-favorite dolls, which were launched by WGA in 2001. In fact, she even told L’Officiel in a 2017 interview that the world of Cult Gaia was “inspired by the aesthetic of the Bratz dolls.” So, naturally, a collab was in the cards at some point. It had to be. The only question was when.

As of Wednesday morning, my question had been answered—and with a 35-piece collection of Y2K-esque clothes, shoes, and accessories no less. Here’s the catch: With Bratz fandom being at an all-time high right now (just search “Bratz” on TikTok for proof), there’s no way that these items will remain in stock for long. So, without further ado, shop our favorite nostalgia-inducing pieces from the new Cult Gaia x Bratz collection below.


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