Sink Your Teeth Into These Secrets About The Lost Boys


7. Donner had directed Feldman in The Goonies and invited him to meet with Schumacher about The Lost Boys. And when he did, the director gave Feldman a little homework to get the right feel for super-serious vampire hunter Edgar Frog: Rent Sylvester Stallone and Chuck Norris movies, and think Rambo.

“‘That is your character. I want you to meld all of these guys together and make something out of it,'” Feldman recalled the director telling him. “So that’s what I did.”

Jamison Newlander, who played Edgar’s equally serious brother, Alan, had first encountered Schumacher when the director spoke in his acting class, so he was able to draw on that a bit when he went to the audition.

“The Frog brothers will always remain two of my favorite characters from any of my movies,” Schumacher said in the making-of featurette. “You wish you knew them. They’re singularly focused.”

Corey Haim, fresh from his breakout performance as a sweet, bullied nerd in Lucas (and having already starred in a werewolf movie called Silver Bullet), got the call to go down to Warner Bros. to meet Schumacher—and as soon as the director saw him, Haim recalled, “he said, ‘Hey, Sam.'”

Sam being Sam Emerson, Michael’s younger brother who thankfully happens to make friends with the town’s friendly neighborhood vampire hunters, who are raring to help Sam save Michael from David’s clutches.


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