Smartwatch Free With SBI Card PULSE! So Why Delay Your Fitness Goals?


Being proactive towards achieving health and well-being, is taking on more meaning and significance than ever before. We have started to include healthy habits in our daily routine to stay fit. From focusing on eating healthy, joining a gym in our neighborhood, to buying a smartwatch to track fitness activities – we’ve left no stone unturned in following our fitness regime.  

There are a lot of physical activities to choose from when it comes to pursuing fitness goals. From yoga, gymming, running, boxing – there are so many options to choose from! And so are the ways to measure your goals. Whether it’s tracking the calories burnt, number of steps crossed, heart rate, or more – it’s now almost mandatory for one to buy a fitness focused smartwatch or sign up for that fitness membership. 

So why not choose a smart way to burn your calories, and find smarter ways to track them?

This is where SBI Card, the second-largest credit card issuer in India, has launched a unique health & fitness-focused credit card, called SBI Card PULSE. The NOISE ColorFit Pulse smartwatch for Rs.4,999 comes as a welcome benefit with PULSE credit card. This stellar smartwatch, which, as we know, offers stunning features including a 1.4-inch full colour display, blood Oxygen monitoring, sleep monitoring and more; will help on the journey towards a fitter you!

You also get a FITPASS PRO membership – which will get you access to a curated network of more than 4,000 gyms and fitness studios across the country. If you choose to stay home over going out, then you can avail online fitness sessions of Yoga, Dance, Cardio, Pilates and more. 

What sweetens the deal, is the complimentary Netmeds First subscription with #SBICardPULSE, through which you can consult an online doctor unlimited times just using your phone. Not just that, but you also get an annual basic #Health check-up, an additional 5% off on pathology lab tests, and unlimited free and priority delivery. All at your service throughout the year. Isn’t that just wow? 

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A few other benefits of owning an SBI Card PULSE

  • You get 8 complimentary domestic lounge access for a year, where you can find comfortable seating, complimentary food,  charging ports and much more
  • You also get a get complimentary Air Accident Liability Cover of Rs.50 Lakhs and a fraud liability cover of Rs.1 Lakh, so you can travel freely without worrying about coverage during a crisis.
  • And if you plan to watch a film or dine out on a weekend evening, then you can pay using your #SBICardPULSE and earn 5x Reward points. It also applies to shopping at chemist shops and pharmacies.
  • Furthermore, you also get a 1% Fuel Surcharge waiver (for transactions between Rs.500 and Rs.4,000) which will help you in maximizing your savings on fuel expenses every year. 

Key things to know about the SBI Card PULSE before you apply for it – The contactless card comes with an annual membership fee of Rs.1,499+taxes and works on the Visa Signature platform. The annual fee will be waived off in case of annual retail spending of Rs. 2 lakhs, and one can get an e-Voucher of Rs.1,500 on annual retail spends of Rs.4 lakh per year. 

To apply for the SBI Card PULSE, click here.


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